‘Trader Watch’ Program Launched to Beef-Up Surveillance

October 14, 2022

The Consumer Council of Fiji has launched its festive season surveillance campaign dubbed ‘Trader Watch’; a vigorous and intensive market surveillance program targeting businesses which attract high consumer demand during this season.

CCoF Chief Executive Officer, Ms Seema Shandil says that the number of consumer complaints evidently inflates during this time of the year given the high level of consumer spending; indicating profiteering behavior of certain traders.

“We want to ensure that when consumers pick an item from any store shelve, it is of the expected quality and in compliance with all the consumer protection laws in Fiji. So, we will go street by street, store by store sieving through products to ensure consumers get the best quality products,” stated Ms Shandil.

The Council is reminding traders that the principles of good business practices must be strongly adhered to and any and all unscrupulous practices will be promptly communicated to consumers via social and mainstream media. Unscrupulous practices will not go unpunished as the Council will aggressively push for enforcement actions against those found breaching consumer protection laws.

“On the other hand, the onus is also on consumers to always ensure to practice proper due diligence when doing their shopping as the hive of activities will be a perfect platform for some businesses to try and make the most of vulnerable consumers,” added Ms Shandil.

Consumers who feel they have been hard done by traders or notice other unethical practices can contact the Consumer Council on our toll-free number 155 or lodge their complaints using the Council’s mobile app.