Control Consumption (Ctrl C) Project

May 31, 2022

Project Control Consumption is an advocacy project a

Diabetes is extremely common in Fiji with 1 in every 3 Fijians being diagnosed with diabetes; that is 30% of the population. Diabetes related deaths is also the biggest killer in Fiji – making Fiji a world leader in diabetes. Project Control Consumption stresses more prominently the concept of individual responsibility for health. The theme for the project is “Empowering consumers to combat Diabetes”. The Council is determined to empower consumers to assume more responsibility for their own behaviours (consumption patterns) and lifestyles (e.g., eating, exercise, and smoking habits) since these can have significant health consequences independent of any medical care. The project is funded by The Anne Fransen Fund – coordinated by Consumers International­, the membership organisation for consumer bodies around the world, aims to promote and support the growth of consumer organisations in developing countries. It was founded in 1988 following the death of Anne Fransen in 1981, the first director of Consumers International.