Today’s fast paced and diverse economic environment makes it imperative for consumers to be assertive in the market place in order to ensure that they get their money’s worth. In instances consumers are not assertive, the unscrupulous players in market place may exploit this ‘passive’ nature of consumers in order to profiteer at their expense. Hence, the Consumer Council of Fiji habitually reminds consumers of their responsibility to take Action – the responsibility to assert ourselves as consumers and act to ensure that we get a fair deal. This is based on the premise that as long as we remain passive consumers, we will be exploited.

How can consumers exercise their responsibility of action?

Consumers can exercise their responsibility of Action by letting businesses know when they are dissatisfied with their products and services. This is done by lodging complaints either directly with the business or the Consumer Council of Fiji…read more 

Apart from using the dedicated Mobile APP, Consumers can now raise complaints directly from this website by clicking on the Button given below.