Dodgy Electronics Dealers Cop 119 Complaints

June 2, 2023

An alert is being issued to consumers against engaging with certain dodgy electronics dealers whose operations have come under the radar of the Consumer Council. ‘Quantum Electronics,’ ‘Computer Hub,’ and ‘Vision Cyber Tech’ has collectively garnered a staggering 119 complaints.

Whilst the three companies are registered under the names of different individuals who are close relatives, only one person is managing the overall operations of the all companies. The individual in question first operated Quantum Electronics against which 86 complaints have been registered from 2020 to date. Since then, two more companies, Computer Hub and Vision Cyber Tech were registered and being managed by the same person has accumulated 27 and 6 complaints respectively in the last few months.

Complaints registered and investigations by the Council has indicated a troubling pattern of deceitful intentions and unscrupulous tactics by the said companies, clearly aimed at exploiting and defrauding consumers.

The aforementioned traders are involved in retailing faulty computer products and electronics, that often fail to function within a week of purchase. Consumers who have fallen victim to the company’s unethical practices have experienced significant frustration and financial loss due to defective products sold by the trader.

“Consumers have revealed a distressing cycle of exploitation. Once customers discover the defects in the purchased products, they rightfully seek a refund or redress. However, the said companies consistently employ delaying tactics, making it difficult for consumers to obtain the resolution they deserve Additionally, the trader imposes a highly unjust percentage stocking fee on refunds for their faulty products, further exacerbating the financial burden on already aggrieved consumers,” says Consumer Council of Fiji Chief Executive Officer Ms Seema Shandil.

In some instances, consumers are made to wait for months to receive their refunds.  Even in cases where Quantum Electronics claims to repair or replace the defective products, consumers have reported recurring issues with the replacements provided.

The lack of commitment by these traders to resolving customer issues have left consumers feeling ignored and helpless, as their requests for refunds are routinely neglected,” says Consumer Council CEO Seema Shandil. “We strongly condemn such unethical behaviour and urge consumers to exercise the utmost caution when dealing with these traders to safeguard your interests and hard-earned money.”

Shandil also urges consumers to avoid dealing with ‘Quantum Electronics,’ ‘Computer Hub,’ or ‘Vision Cyber Tech’, as it will most likely lead to disappointment and monetary loss. “In most instances, the complainants have not gotten a refund or any form of redress, because the traders simply don’t care about their customers, or are only concerned about their bottom line” says Shandil.

The Council has continuously flagged the practices of the said businesses to the competition authority and is calling for urgent and strict enforcement actions to ensure consumers are provided with natural justice and to prevent other consumers from falling victims.

Consumers who have faced issues with the above-mentioned businesses are encouraged to contact the Council on toll-free number 155 or lodge a complaint using the Consumer Council of Fiji mobile app.