Council Welcomes Vodafone MPAiSA Mastercard

May 22, 2023

The Consumer Council of Fiji welcomes the recently launched MPAiSA Mastercard by Vodafone, a revolutionary digital payment solution that offers convenience to consumers. This addition to consumers wallet will offer exciting possibilities for seamless digital transactions.

The CCoF Chief Executive Officer Ms Seema Shandil has commended Vodafone for the introduction of this globally connected and mobile-first approach. “The Council indeed recognizes the importance of such initiatives and platforms and the efforts of financial service providers in creating a cashless society however, we must not forget about the most important stakeholders and their interest; the consumers. We must ensure that in any product being availed in the market, consumer protection is held paramount; especially given the number of digital scams seen globally as well as locally,” said Ms Shandil.

Whilst such initiatives, when implemented right, are a win for consumers, the Council wants service providers to take ownership of it and all that comes with it.

“As Fiji’s first global payment card system which is directly connected to consumers e-wallet, we expect the maximum duty of care from Vodafone in terms of ensuring that consumers are informed of all the fees and charges, terms and conditions and the relevant due diligence to protect consumers from any loss. There has been a lot of issues which are present in the market in regards to e-wallets such as unauthorized withdrawals, scammers posing as service provider agents, text scams relating to one time password and exorbitant charges being imposed by traders on the use of such platforms. Given that with the launch of this new product more consumers are anticipated to be using such platforms; with increased amounts of cash being transacted, service providers need to take immediate and proactive measures to address these issues to ensure consumers do not lose out.,” stated Ms shandil.

Consumers are also reminded to enquire about and thoroughly read all the terms and conditions of such digital solutions and must not engage in any risky consumer behavior such as sharing passwords and transacting on questionable websites.

For queries consumers can contact the council via the toll-free line 155 or lodge a complaint via the Consumer Council of Fiji mobile app.