Shortage of Matches to be resolved this weekend

May 10, 2018

The Consumer Council of Fiji wishes to advise consumers that the current lack of Hibiscus matches in local markets will be resolved on Saturday.

The shortage was brought to the Council’s attention by an elderly citizen who complained that Hibiscus brand match boxes 10s were out of stock in all supermarkets in Valelevu.

The Consumer Council of Fiji conducted a snap survey to verify this information and branch managers interviewed claimed this was due to a supply issue.

Suppliers have since informed the council that the shortage is due to a shipment delay but have confirmed receiving new stock which will be available from supermarkets this weekend.

The council has found that many consumers depend on stick matches and a shortage has the potential to adversely affect consumers, especially considering there are no alternatives.

The Consumer Council of Fiji also advises wholesalers to take proper stock management measures in order to avoid such issues in future. Please call our toll free National Consumer Helpline 155 to should you require further advice.