Make Full Disclosures on Connectivity – Internet Service Providers Told

March 10, 2023

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have a fiduciary responsibility to make full disclosures to its
customers regarding their services before making sales. Reports received by the Consumer
Council of Fiji (CCoF) has revealed that internet services are either not available or intermittent
in certain areas, however the same is not revealed when modems and internet packages are
being sold.

Stressing on the need for full disclosures, CCoF Chief Executive Officer Ms Seema Shandil
said ISPs must honor consumers’ rights to information by providing all relevant facts so that
consumers can make an informed choice.

“If ISPs provide correct information such as identified areas where their services maybe
limited, consumers will be able to choose the best products for them. Purchasing modems and
internet plans which consumers are not able to use at their home is simply a waste of their
money,” stated Ms Shandil.

The Council has also received cases whereby certain consumers were billed hundreds of dollars
during periods of internet outage in their locality.

“Billing consumers for internet services not rendered causes great inconvenience. Apart from
not being able to access internet services; which has become part and parcel of everyday life,
consumers also end up facing additional unnecessary hassle in trying to obtain a redress from
the ISP. Therefore, ISPs must ensure that their customers are only billed for services utilized
and any discrepancies in their services must be communicated with customers in a timely
manner”, added Ms Shandil.

For any similar issues, consumers can contact the Consumer Council on our toll-free number
155 or lodge their complaints using the Council’s mobile app.