HOMES-CARE recipients not to be swayed by promotions

May 18, 2018

The Consumer Council of Fiji strongly urges HOMES-CARE initiative consumers in the Western Division to be wary of cash-back and other promotions provided by traders.

This in light of concerns raised by a consumer who was a recipient of the relief assistance scheme.

The complainant visited the trader’s branch in Rakiraki to buy a LCD television. He was informed by staff that he would receive $200 as cash-back if he purchased items worth more than $1,500.  

Not wanting to miss out on the promotion, the consumer then purchased a LCD television worth about $800 and other household items to qualify for the cash-back.

HOMES-CARE recipients must realize that purchasing more items than they necessarily need just so they could receive cash may not be the best option.

If a recipient were to select the items they needed to buy and it did not amount to $1,500, they would be tempted into buying more items to reach that amount just to qualify for the cash-back.

This means they would have less funds in the card to make purchases from other traders who may have the additional items they need.

The Council reminds consumers to be alert of such promotions and not be swayed or tempted into making purchases they may regret later.

Having said this, traders are reminded not to take advantage of consumers. More so, consumers in the Western Division who have been affected by the recent flooding and adverse weather.

Consumers must always exercise their responsibility and be critically aware and alert when purchasing products. This will avoid consumers being in a position where they are misled or tempted into buying more items than intended.

The Council urges consumers facing similar issues to contact our toll free helpline on 155 or visit our offices in Suva, Lautoka or Labasa for complaints and advice.