Council Urges Caution: Multiple Complaints Filed Against Armaan Azam & Rohini Online Fashion

May 2, 2024

Consumers are being warned to exercise extreme caution when dealing with businesses operating solely on social media platforms. The Consumer Council of Fiji has seen a worrying increase in complaints against online businesses that take consumers’ hard-earned money and disappear without delivering the promised goods.

“It is deeply concerning to see these dodgy dealers are on the rise; looting consumers in broad daylight and in the process, diminish trust in other entrepreneurs who operate similar businesses ethically,” says Seema Shandil, CEO of the Consumer Council of Fiji. “In response to the increasing number of complaints and to protect consumers and respective industries as a whole, we are now raising alerts by naming scammers publicly so that people are aware of whom to look out for.”

Armaan Azam Under Scrutiny

One such business under the Council’s spotlight is Armaan Azam Over the past three years, the Council has received a staggering 60 complaints against Armaan Azam, which advertises – primarily – Indian attire for sale but fails to deliver after accepting upfront payments. When consumers reach out to inquire about their missing orders, they are met with empty promises and ultimately blocked from communication. The Council has also received reports that this individual has perpetrated other types of scams such as car rental scams.

Rohini Online Fashion Exposed

The Council is also alerting consumers about Shahil Kumar, who operates under the social media alias Rohini Online Fashion, based out of Lautoka. In the last two years alone, the Council has received a concerning 75 complaints against Rohini Online Fashion, with consumers reporting thousands of dollars lost after placing orders for women’s Indian clothing that were never delivered. Kumar is known to employ delaying tactics to further mislead consumers.

“We are urging consumers to take heed of all advisories being given by the Council in order to stay abreast of dodgy scammers in the marketplace,” says Ms. Shandil. While the Consumer Council is here to fight for you, the first line of defence against online scams is you! By following best practices and staying informed, you can build a strong “firewall” to protect your hard-earned money.

If you encounter any suspicious activity or suspect fraud, report the incident promptly to the Consumer Council by dialling the toll-free number 155 or email