Consumer Loses Thousands to Self-Proclaimed Astrologers

March 30, 2023

Consumers MUST NOT shell out money to self-proclaimed astrologers under any circumstance; no matter the guarantees being provided or advertised. This unequivocal reminder is being reissued by the Consumer Council of Fiji (CCoF) after certain consumers recently lost thousands of dollars to Indian Nationals in Fiji claiming to be astrologers with the ability to fix personal issues.

In a recent case being investigated by the Council, a consumer paid $12,702 to two Indian Nationals based in Fiji who were advertising their phony astrologer services via Facebook; claiming to possess the ability to fix people’s personal issues. The name being used by the two alleged astrologer on Facebook was “Gold Medalist Indian Astrologer”. When the alleged astrologers failed to deliver on their promises, the consumer followed up only to find out that the lead astrologer had left Fiji whilst the assistant refused further services.

“Consumers should not be naïve and gullible; these are scammers – plain and simple. Your personal issues will never be resolved by these self-claimed astrologers but will makes things worse by looting your hard-earned cash. These notorious individuals, most of whom seem to be Indian nationals are orchestrating this astrology charade to lure credulous and trusting consumers in Fiji to make a quick buck,” said CCoF Chief Executive Officer Ms Seema Shandil.

Currently similar astrology services are being prominently advertised on social media platforms with celebrities based in India actively endorsing and promoting it. There are also apps in circulation promoting and easing access to astrology scams.

“Consumers must act smartly and avoid dealings with such individuals. If consumers come across individuals making claims to fix their personal issues or get rid of black magic, they must report them immediately. We are also urging consumers not be enticed and lured by marketing done by these scammers; even if celebrities are endorsing it – it does make it any more reliable or credible,” added Ms Shandil.

The Council is also issuing a stark reminder to these scammers that such claims and practices is a breach of the Crimes Act of 2009 and the Council will not only be naming and shaming such phony services but will be referring them to the Fiji Police Force and Immigration Department. On the same note, consumers should note that black magic is also illegal and refrain from engaging with individuals claiming to practice the same. Consumers have the ability to make sound decisions themselves, hence should not waste their hard earned on such self-proclaimed astrologers claiming to change their destiny.

The Council encourages consumers who have been victims or notice such practices to contact the Council on toll-free helpline 155 or email Alternatively, consumers can lodge complaints via the Consumer Council of Fiji Mobile App.