Consumer Council and Nasinu and  Nausori Town Councils’ Strengthen Relationship

September 29, 2022

The Consumer Council of Fiji (CCOF), Nausori Town Council and Nasinu Town Council (NTC) earlier yesterday (29/09/22) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which now enables the three organisations to share information, provide relevant trainings and collaboratively investigate and solve consumer complaints.

With a growing number of complaints pertaining to food and drinks, restaurants, supermarkets and compliance with other relevant legislations, the MOU provides a framework to investigate and efficiently resolve complaints in the best interest of Fijian consumers. It also allows for the exchange of vital information to support investigation processes. The MOU reaffirms and enhances the longstanding partnership between the two organisations.

“The signing of this MOU today means that any complaints relating to restaurants, supermarkets and other relating services would not only be investigated and relevant actions taken but would also allow for the development and implementation of effective and efficient enforcement strategies to curtail such issues in the future” said Ms. Shandil.

The two Municipal Councils has warmly welcomed this increased information sharing and cross collaboration which will lead to enhanced consumer protection for all Fijians.

The three organisations urge the food industry to maintain proper hygiene while preparing and handling food. Continuous monitoring and enforcement will take on to ensure that food safety and hygiene training are being implemented by food service operators. This awareness will ensure that food handlers have the knowledge and the skill to provide safe food in light of the increase in reported food-borne illnesses that has created a significant public health challenge. 

This collaboration will assist in identifying the current issues in food safety practices among the food industry and bridge the gap between knowledge, practice and compliance.

For concerns, consumers can contact the Council on toll free number 155 or Nasinu Town Council on 992 1303 and Nausori Town Council on 992 7859.