Baby Car Seat Expiry

July 13, 2017

Not many consumers may know for a fact that baby car seats come with expiry dates. Some may not even know that the baby seat they are using is usable or has already exceeded its product life cycle. Particularly, in cases where the baby car seat has been passed down between friends and families, it may have expired already.

Typically, most baby car seats expire after 6 years from the date of manufacture. Generally, car seats have the expiration date placed on one of the manufacturer labels that can be found on the sides or at the bottom of the car seat. Consumers can check for the expiry date on the seat. However, if the date is missing then the seat manual can be checked or an enquiry can be made with the seller. Many manufacturers give a maximum car seat life in the manual.

It is imperative for consumers to look for the expiry date to ascertain whether the baby car seat being purchased is actually safe to use. No one would want to use a baby car seat which impedes the safety of their child.

The Council recently came across one such case where a consumer was sold a baby car seat which was already expired.

Raj wanted a baby car seat for his 1 year old daughter. He managed to get a good deal at a leading trading store in the central division. At first glance, everything seemed fine. Hence, Raj went ahead and paid $500 for the baby car seat.

Only when checking the car seat properly at home, he noticed that it had an expiry date of December, 2016. Without wasting time, Raj took the car seat back to the trader informing them of the expiry date and requested for a replacement of the product or refund.

Unfortunately, the trader did not provide redress immediately because he wanted to contact the supplier in the USA to get some clarity on the issue. A frustrated Raj then left the expired baby car seat with the trader and approached the Council for assistance.

Ultimately, the trader provided Raj with a replacement new baby car seat.

Whilst the case at hand was resolved, the Council wishes to remind consumers to be vigilant when purchasing the baby car seats.

These seats come with expiration dates to ensure that the child’s car seat is as safe as possible. Even aftersix years of usage, the baby car seat may look in good state and shape. Nonetheless, it will not have thesame safety durability. For instance if the vehicle will meet with an unexpected accident, the baby carseat straps and belt may not be able to grip the child as securely as it has lost its useful life. Hence, theyneed to be discarded.

Globally, the manufacturers and dealers constantly use crash data and tests to make changes to the babycar seat so that it can be more reliable and protective in car accidents. Using old and expired baby carseat means consumers are putting their child’s life in danger. The child’s car seat is not utilizing newertechnologies that would be lifesaving in crashes or it could be outdated in terms of safety and standards.

The Council advises all the consumers to pay attention to such details and check for the baby car seat expirydates as it can cost a child’s life. Expiry dates are given to such products for a purpose and it is in the bestinterest of consumers to do their background checks before making the purchase. Invest in a product whichis reliable and worth value for money.

Consumers who have complaints in relation to baby car seats, are advised to lodge their complaints with the Council on its National Consumer Helpline Toll Free Number 155.