Beware of Fake Pages – Consumer Council

March 20, 2023

The Consumer Council of Fiji (CCoF) is urging Fijian consumers to be cautious of those individuals who are looking to rip people off their hard-earned money under the pretense of fake pages or accounts on social media platforms.

In a recent case highlighted to the Council, a fake Facebook page titled “Vodafone Fans” which has over 15,000 followers on Facebook, is luring members of the general public into providing their personal details such as credit card numbers in order to win a brand-new Toyota Hilux.

“Following investigations, it has been established that the page is indeed fake and the Council is once again reiterating on the need for consumers to always remain vigilant and refrain from disclosing their personal details to such social media pages or site whose credibility and authenticity is questionable,” said CCoF Chief Executive Officer Ms Seema Shandil.

“The Council continuously calls for consumers to exercise proper due diligence at all times, however, the fact that this particular post had over 31,000 comments from Fijian consumers is painting a very worrying picture altogether. I strongly advise consumers to be vigilant on social media platforms and do not believe everything you see or read,” added Ms Shandil.

While Fijian consumers have more choices and options thanks to the various social media platforms and more access to connectivity, it is very important that there is accurate and reliable information available to help them make the right choices and abstain from doing something which comes back to haunt them.

A very easy way to verify a brand on social media is by looking out for a verified badge on their page or profile. The verified badge means Facebook has confirmed that the page or profile is the authentic presence of the public figure or brand it represents.

Consumers who have fallen victim to this page or have noticed similar social media pages are encouraged to contact the Council via the toll-free number 155 or lodge a complaint using the Consumer Council of Fiji mobile app.