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March 9, 2022


The Council is divided into three departments, each with its own distinguished function. These are:

CAMPAIGNS, INFORMATION & MEDIA – To empower consumers with knowledge and information to bring about reforms in policy and practice that adversely affect consumer interests.

ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION & CONSUMER ADVISORY – To assist consumers in resolving complaints through alternative dispute resolution, advisory services and legal representation.

RESEARCH & POLICY ANALYSIS – To identify and undertake broad-based and complaints driven research on key consumer protection legislations that promote and protect consumer interests through necessary policy changes.


Since its establishment following the introduction of the Consumer Council of Fiji Act 1976, the Council has now become a household brand name in Fiji, giving rays of hope to Fijian consumers whose rights have been violated in the marketplace. As per the Consumer Council of Fiji Act 1976, the Council has powers to do such acts and things it considers necessary or expedient to ensure that the interests of the consumers are promoted and protected. These include:

  • Advising the Minister on such matters affecting the interests of the consumers;
  • Making representations to the Government or to any other person/organizations on any issues affecting the interests of consumers;
  • Collecting, collating and disseminating information in respect of matters affecting the interests of consumers;
  • Supporting or maintaining legal proceedings initiated by a consumer, where such support is deemed necessary;
  • Conducting research and investigations into matters affecting consumers;
  • Advising and assisting consumers on matters affecting their interests;
  • Co-operating with any person, association or organization outside Fiji having similar functions and becoming a member of or affiliate to any international organization concerned with consumer matters; and,
  •  Soliciting and accepting for the purposes of the Council any money, land, or other property from the Government, any local authority, public body, organization, or person by way of grant, subsidy, donation, gift, or otherwise.