When Scratching the Winning card is not enough

February 13, 2018

Playing tattslotto is a growing trend among people nowadays. Some play it just for fun while others play to win.

While there are several forms of playing tattslotto, ‘scratch and win’ is a common choice for many. In Fiji there are considerable number of tattslotto agents who sell the ‘scratch and win’ cards whereby if upon scratching three (3) of the same dollar value is achieved, then the person instantly wins the particular sum.

The scratch and win card which costs a dollar each can get a consumer $2, $10, $20, $50, $100. $500, $1000 or the jackpot price of $30,000 in return. Many consumers have the habit of keeping a dollar aside to try their luck every day with the scratch and win card.

Now obviously for someone who manages to scratch the winning card of $30,000 will not want to delay receiving the sum. Unfortunately, Tevita was made to wait for two weeks before he could rejoice his win.

Tevita being an ardent tattslotto player was used to winning $50 and $100 through the ‘scratch and win’. Every time he scratched a winning card, he received his cash instantly. On 1 December, 2017, just like every other day, he purchased one card, however, he could not believe his eyes when he scratched three $30,000 on the card. Overjoyed with his win, he informed the cashier that he had won the jackpot price of $30k. He was then asked to fill the ‘Winner Claim Form’. An excited Tevita quickly filled out the particulars of the form thinking that he will be walking away with his prize money and giving his family an early Christmas gift.

However, his excitement was short-lived, as the cashier informed him that he will have to wait for some time. The cash was not to be given on the same day unlike the previous occasions. He was told to wait for a few days and then follow up with the agent. Unfortunately, a whole week passed. When Tevita called to follow up on his win sum, he was advised that there would be further delay in receiving the sum. The agents had to wait for the Head of Fiji Tattslotto to sign the cheque before it could be handed over to Tevita. Tevita waited for 12 days, yet the money was not handed over to him. Frustrated with the turn of events, he lodged his complaint with the Consumer Council of Fiji.

The Council’s correspondence with the respective agent proved that all other winning amounts are paid instantly, except for the $30,000 winners. The agent was then asked to explain the difference between the process of verification done for the $50 winning cards and the $30,000 cards. Surprisingly, the agent stated that due to the high incidence of fraud, the jackpot prize winning cards ($30,000) are sent to Australia for verification.

Following Council’s intervention, the winning prize was finally paid out to Tevita on 13 December 2017.

While Tevita managed to receive his winning sum, the Council is disappointed with the fact that the verification process took almost two weeks. This is despite Fiji Tattslotto advertising/promoting the games as ‘Instant Cash Lotto’.

The Council strongly believes that it is imperative for Fiji Tattslotto and its agents to clearly explain their verification processes required to obtain winning prizes to consumers. Consumers need to know how long it may take to actually receive their jackpot prize if they scratch the winning card. The terms and conditions of play along with the processes involved should be clearly spelled out for the consumers for their equal information and knowledge.