Dealing with Aggressive Selling

August 27, 2020

Any consumer can be caught off guard by persistent salespeople. Whether they follow you around in the shop, stop you in the street, or target you through texts, emails or phone calls, they can be very insistent and sometimes it is easy to end up buying goods or services you do not actually need.

Dealing with persistent salespeople can be very stressful, especially if they are putting you under pressure to buy goods and services they are intending to sell. The salesperson may be under pressure to meet targets; however, consumers should take their time and not rush into buying something that they do not need or want. As such, consumers should know their rights and responsibility when they come across such tactics by sales people.

What is aggressive selling?

Consumers should know what aggressive selling is. Aggressive selling refers to the various sales efforts made aggressively or vigorously by businesses or its agents to obtain increased volume of sales for their product.

For instance, a salesperson using scare tactics to convince you that you need something by saying that your health would be at risk if you do not buy the product or constantly contacting you and pestering you in to buying something.

A common tactic used by salespeople in shops is constantly following you and pestering you to buy something, taking up your personal space in the process. Consumers should use the tips below to avoid falling victims into pushy or persistent sales people. Make an informed decision.

Consumers should always take time to think over the offers made by a salesperson as they are not obliged to sign on the spot. Take down the salesperson’s name and contact details and say you will be in touch when you have decided what to do. The salespersons may entice you with a phrase such as “this is a one-time offer”. This is definitely a sign to stay firm, be confident and walk away before being rushed into a decision you may regret.

Do not be tempted by a deal that sounds too good to be true

Do not be easily convinced by alluring offers that salesperson say is the best. No matter how substantial their argument sounds, consumers should always conduct their own research and shop around to see what their competitors are offering.

Most consumers may be easily enchanted by sweet talks and a smile. Sales people know the easiest way to get you on board is to become your ‘friend’. But remember, this is business. If in doubt, take your time and think it through.

Know their tactics

A salesperson’s job is to pester consumers until they make a sale. They will use various tricks in the book to make sure you do not leave the shop empty-handed. Some of these tricks used include reverse psychology and stretching the negotiation.

Speak quickly

When visiting a shop, a salesperson will follow you around. If you want to sway the salesperson into agreeing to your price, speak a little fast. According to research, if you speak quickly, the other person has less time to process and formulate a response. It is more likely that he/she will agree to your spiel and price point.

Time your entry

It is a good idea to go to a store towards the end of the day because it will be easier to convince a dealer or salesperson to agree to a better deal as they may have met their days target and would be keen to finish the day with a last sale.

Stay silent

When the salesperson quotes a price, stay silent for some time. Most people do not like awkward silences. So, the salesperson will be unsure and either repeat the offer or try to sweeten the deal. Most often than not, silence is golden and gets you the desired product for a bargain.

Don’t be impulsive

If you like something, do not let the salesperson know it because it places you at a disadvantage and gives him/her a chance to push the product. Be firm and let him know that you will buy it only at a particular price.

Poker face

When the business or salesperson quotes his/her price, it is a good idea not to show agreement with the first pitch made. Most times, the salesperson quote the price ceiling and accepting it straight away may mean paying the maximum price for the product. As a shopper, consumers can equip themselves to counter the tactics of a salesperson.

If consumers come across any aggressive selling tactics by salespersons or being unfairly treated by a trader, do not hesitate to contact us on our National Consumer Helpline tollfree number 155 or simply download the Consumer Council of Fiji Mobile App on Playstore and lodge a complaint from the comfort of your home. Alternatively, you can email us on or visit us at one of our offices in Suva, Lautoka or Labasa.