Press Release 2018

15/08/2018 10:43:09 Consumers urged to be cautious during the Hibiscus festival

The Consumer Council of Fiji is urging consumers to exercise caution when purchasing items during the Hibiscus festival.

27/07/2018 15:38:16 Traders warned against selling substandard products

The Consumer Council of Fiji is warning traders not to sell substandard products in a bid to make a quick buck.

27/07/2018 15:33:38 Insurance on goods

The Consumer Council of Fiji strongly urges consumers to take insurance on items bought either on cash or on hire purchase to cover against the risk of losing them in unforeseen circumstances.

23/07/2018 12:54:52 Traders charging increased Plastic Bag Levy

The Consumer Council of Fiji is calling on traders to get their act together and not charge the new $0.20 plastic bag levy before Government’s new financial year.

16/07/2018 08:50:16 Service providers must work together to remedy issue

Bus operators and e-ticketing service providers must ensure receipts printed by eTransport machines are readable.

16/07/2018 08:46:03 Regulators Need to Monitor EFTPOS Charges

The Consumer Council of Fiji is urging regulatory agencies to be on the lookout for new issues that are emerging as Fiji moves toward a cashless society.

16/07/2018 08:18:43 Promotions To Be Conducted Fairly

The Consumer Council of Fiji is urging traders to conduct their promotions in an honest and fair manner.

06/07/2018 15:54:32 CEO of Consumer Council Resigns

The Chair of Consumer Council of Fiji Mr. Raman Dahia today announced that the Chief Executive Officer of Consumer Council of Fiji Mrs. Premila Kumar has resigned from her position.

06/07/2018 14:01:31 Calls for Banks to Adjust Tax Changes

The Consumer Council of Fiji is calling on commercial banks to ensure specific changes in Resident Interest Withholding Tax (RIWT), announced in the 2018-2019 budget, are passed down to consumers.

02/07/2018 14:29:08 A budget of opportunity

The 2018-2019 budget provides consumers with an opportunity to improve their quality of life.

02/07/2018 14:23:13 Council calls for Health Care Scheme/ Insurance

The Consumer Council of Fiji appeals Government to develop a National Health Scheme to ease the pressure on the public health systems and provide quality health care to all Fijians.

02/07/2018 14:03:29 Consumer Council budget submission on Removal of Duty on food items

Consumers and businesses alike are looking forward to the 2018-2019 budget with various expectations of the new fiscal policies and initiatives Government will implement in the coming financial year.

27/06/2018 10:05:11 Budget Submission to Regulate the Sale of Real Estate

The use of false impressions to hype property buyers and sellers by certain real estate agents has drawn the concern of the Council.

22/06/2018 15:04:22 Council maintains need for regulations

The Consumer Council maintains there is a need to prioritise legislation that clearly spells out the rights and responsibilities of inter-island vessels to their passengers and vice versa.

21/06/2018 09:40:03 Call for regulations to hold shipping companies accountable

The continued disregard for the safety and comfort of passengers on inter-island shipping vessels needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

29/05/2018 10:38:26 Worrying duping tactic noted by council

A new duping tactic used to swindle consumers has come to light where fly by night traders are setting up fake companies to con consumers out of money.

25/05/2018 10:06:37 Joint Taskforce Undertakes Investigations into the CARE Programmes

Investigations are well underway regarding issues pertaining to the CARE programmes which have been initiated for post cyclone relief assistance

21/05/2018 12:44:47 Council survey uncovers further price gouging by HOMES-CARE Vendors

A Consumer Council of Fiji regional survey has uncovered more cases of price gouging by HOMES- CARE assistance vendors.

21/05/2018 12:43:16 HOMES-CARE recipients not to be swayed by promotions

The Consumer Council of Fiji strongly urges the recipient of HOMES-CARE initiative residing in the Western Division to be wary of cash-back and other promotions provided by traders.

18/05/2018 10:47:20 Consumers under HOMES-CARE should not be Discriminated

The Consumer Council of Fiji is alarmed that some vendors under the HOMES-CARE assistance scheme continue to hike their prices to take advantage of the victims of National Disaster.

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