Trader fails to supply water tanks despite receiving payments

31/01/2018 15:04

The Consumer Council of Fiji is calling on traders in the Nadi-Lautoka corridor who have accepted payments from consumers to supply them with water tanks in a timely manner.

There is mounting frustration amongst residents in the Nadi-Lautoka vicinity following the announcement by Water Authority of Fiji of a planned water shutdown from 1am Saturday 03rd February until 5pm Tuesday 06th February. 

Hence, many consumers are resorting to water tanks to meet their needs during the planned water cuts. The Council has received close to 20 complaints from residents in Nadi-Lautoka venting their frustration over a prominent company, Gurbachan Singh's Steel Mills Ltd, for accepting payments but failing to supply water tanks. Every time consumers are given a delivery date but when they follow up, they are informed that the water tanks are still in Suva. 

In some cases, the trader managed to supply the water tank but failed to provide the consumers with the appropriate fittings.

With only 3 days remaining for the planned water shutdown coming into force, the Council would like to urge traders in the western division to ensure consumers who have paid for water tanks to be delivered with the items now and not during water shutdown or after water supply normalises. Any delivery of the water tank after the water shutdown period will defeat the purpose of buying one. 

Further, consumers are urged to take heed of all the advisories and store sufficient water which will help maintain hygiene and wellbeing during the shutdown period. Also consumers need to know the strategic locations of water tank placed by WAF around Nadi and Lautoka. These are advertised in the local dailies and consumers are advised to take note of their nearest water tank placed by WAF in case they run out of water during that period.