Sky Pacific customer complaints service

04/04/2018 17:02

The Consumer Council of Fiji is calling on Sky Pacific to ensure better services for its customers.

Numerous complaints have been received by the Council whereby their Sky Pacific service gets disconnected despite having paid their dues on time or well before the due date.

From August 2017 until date, the Council registered 59 complaints from Digicel customers citing neglect on the part of the telecommunications company to ensure quality delivery of service.

The complaints range from failure to update customer accounts despite payments being made, poor customer service, blurred and cracking view of certain channels and failure to replace equipment on time to name a few.

Complainants also registered that the company’s customer service was always directed to an automated service which often left them frustrated.

This doubles the frustration faced by an unsatisfied consumer and the Council wonders whether this is a ploy by Digicel, to divert customers to voicemails and unavailable numbers to avoid their direct frustration.

A consumer has highlighted its substandard customer complaints service following a complaint call made to the advertised number.

A recorded message informed the customer that the number was not available and informed him to try 2 other numbers, of which one was answered by a music machine and the other cut off with no messages or reply.

For one particular customer, the disconnection of the Sky Pacific service was a recurrent issue. Each time he sought assistance through the Customer care service he was directed by an Interactive Voice Response System and never an actual person.

Sky Pacific offers a monopoly service in the country as the only paid subscription-based television company however this does not mean it is able to go scot-free and not answer to its paying customers.

Consumers have made an effort to pay their subscriptions on time therefore Sky Pacific must deliver all aspects of its services efficiently.