Service providers must work together to remedy issue

16/07/2018 08:50

Bus operators and e-ticketing service providers must ensure receipts printed by eTransport machines are readable.

Receipts that are blank or have misprints cannot be tolerated and this indicates that the consumers’ right to information is not taken seriously.

If the information on the receipt is unclear or unreadable, the consumer will have no knowledge of their remaining balance. ln addition, they will be unable to lodge complaints, if encountered during the course of the journey, as the bus and driver details would also be unclear.

LTA enforcement officers also require these receipts when they conduct checks, in buses and an illegible receipt will cause further problems for a passenger. Proper e-ticketing receipts must be issued as the purpose of a receipt is defeated when details cannot be read. Consumers must be issued with clear receipts as proof for service obtained.
The Consumer Council of Fiji also notes that vigilant and receipt-conscious people have gone to mainstream media claiming that their receipts are not readable.

There are three parties associated with ensuring the e-ticketing machines function correctly - Datec, Vodafone, and individual bus companies. Datec is the authorized service agent for Vodafone eTransport equipment. They provide warranty support and repairs for the eTransport consoles installed on the buses as per the supplier/purchaser contract between Vodafone and the bus operators.

Vodafone provides the connectivity services and is responsible for the eTransport cards while bus companies are responsible for ensuring the machines in their buses are functioning.

It seems each party has been quick to lay the blame at the other's doorstep with no concerted effort to work together. Should bus operators feel the machines are faulty, they must seek Datec's assistance immediately and remedy the issue.
People commute on a daily basis and thus issues with the e-ticketing machines are expected to occur regularly. All three parties must work out a system that would be suitable in addressing eticketing system in a timely manner.

Consumers facing similar issues can call the Council's toll free helpline on 155. Alternatively they can email