Non-POS operators not authorized to charge plastic bag levy

22/01/2018 10:25

The Consumer Council of Fiji is expressing concern over non-Point of Sale (POS) operators continuing to charge consumers the plastic bag levy.

This comes after a complaint was received from a consumer who purchased a product from a prominent cake shop in Pacific Harbour and was issued a written receipt indicating he was charged with the levy.

The complainant had informed the cashier that they were not allowed to charge for plastic bags as they did not have a POS system.

Despite his efforts the branch outlet still issued a manual tax invoice reflecting the charge.

The Council then raised the issue with the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service (FRCS) who investigated the case.

The company stated that they were unaware that non-POS operators were not authorized to charge the levy and that they would liaise with company accountants to remit the levy collected to FRCS.

The Council is urging traders to practice fair trading methods. They must be mindful that there are conditions to the plastic bag levy which they must take into account as stipulated under the

Environment and Climate Adaptation Levy (ECAL) Act that is effective from 1 August 2017. Consumers and Traders are reminded that the levy is only applicable on plastic bags with handles at a rate of $0.10 per bag. Most importantly, the levy can only be charged by traders with appropriate POS system in place.

The Council urges traders to comply with the requirements set by FRCS for ECAL. FRCS, being the regulator, is mandated to charge fines and penalties to non-POS operators who get consumers to pay the plastic bag levy.