MH flash and gain services to be available in all outlets

16/11/2018 10:21

The Consumer Council is calling for information on MH flash and gain cards to be made available at all outlets and not just a select few.

 The Council carried out a survey after receiving complaints from consumers who claimed almost all MH and Max Val-U outlets failed to provide information on their cards upon request.

 One particular customer had no choice but to visit the company's head office in Rodwell Road to know his point balance in order to redeem the points. What was supposed to be a simple process was made difficult because of the laxity to ensure all retail outlets provided the same service.

 The flash and gain system was introduced in Fiji in 2007.1t is a responsible customer reward initiative based on international standards (similar to loyalty programmes in Australia, New Zealand and Asia).

 Customers purchase a Flash and Gain loyalty card that allows them to earn and accumulate points and redeem the points for rewards (selected items). A customer earns I point for a minimum of $5.00 spent at any MH or Max Val-U outlet.

 There are usually two ways consumers can check how much points they've accumulated.

 Consumers can present their card to a cashier at any MH or Max Val-U retail outlet who will then swipe the card in the machine. This machine will provide card details and points accumulated and redeemed to date.

 They can also give the cashier their name alongside a valid photo ID should they not have their card with them.

 MH initiated the loyalty program and therefore must ensure that the system is updated and maintained in all of their outlets.

 For consumers most of the time the decision of where to shop is a matter of convenience and thus it would be easier to shop at the outlet they are closer to. And if services as such are not available in all outlets then it defeats the purpose of having the system altogether.