Know your Internet Plans

27/03/2018 15:18


The Consumer Council of Fiji is calling on consumers to be aware of the respective internet plans they subscribe to.

All Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Fiji have different peak and off-peak hours for their respective products. This also includes that data which is split between the two periods. In light of this consumers are urged to choose their plans carefully.

The Council noted different distributions of data during peak and off-peak hours by telecommunication companies Vodafone, Digicel’ s Unwired and Telecom Fiji’s Connect.

Vodafone off peak hours are from 11pm-7am, Unwired off peak hours from 1am-7am while Connect’ s Home Lite off peak hours are from 7pm to 7am and Connect Xceed, Xcite and Xplore off peak hours are from 8pm-1am. While the off-peak hours are generally lesser than peak hours for Digicel and Vodafone, the data distribution is still evenly split.

If customers were to sign up to a broadband plan with 40GB, in the current distribution by the companies, 20GB of the plan would fall in the off-peak time periods. In this case the consumer is only receiving a 20GB download limit within the peak period.

The Council recently received a case whereby a consumer had purchased a broadband plan of 48GB. He had completed his 24GB data allocated for the peak period and was unable to continue browsing the internet.

He queried the internet providers of his dilemma and was informed that he needed to buy more data as allocated data for off peak periods cannot be brought forward. His only other option was to wait for the off peak time interval to use the internet.

Advertisements may make it sound like companies are offering large amounts of data but in truth only half of the allocated data is available to be used when the consumer is awake during the peak time period.

For this reason the Council is urging consumers to ask for the full details from the internet providers on the various available plans and wisely select the plans that could suits them.