Jewellers should issue certificate of authenticity

20/08/2018 12:26

The Consumer Council of Fiji is calling on Jewellers to provide a Certificate of Authenticity to consumers guaranteeing the jewellery they sell is as advertised. 

The Council has noted a growing number of consumers continue to be duped into purchasing fake jewellery and is appalled at this unethical practice by some local traders. 

In a recent case, a consumer was sold fake 22 carat gold bangles from a local jeweller. The jeweller had given a lifetime guarantee for the pieces of jewellery. Unfortunately, the gold on the bangles started peeling off within the first year of purchase.

The consumer made attempts to raise his grievances to the jeweller but was denied any assistance. The case was reported to the Council and the bangles were taken in for testing to determine their mineral content.

It was discovered that the bangles were made of copper with 22ct gold layering. Following the Council’s intervention, the consumer was provided a full refund of $2,100.

 By providing a Certificate of Authenticity, consumers will be able to determine whether the pieces they wish to purchase are authentic.  The certificate should also serve as proof of quality workmanship, and guarantee the life of the product.

 The certificate should set out mineral content and guarantee that the jewellery is as advertised. Consumers should make sure that the certificate is from a certified laboratory and not a simple certificate of authenticity created by the jewellery store itself.

 This will ensure that consumers are able to seek redress if they faces issues with the authenticity of jewellery and will also be an incentive for jewellery traders to ensure they retail quality goods.

 Regrettably, not all jewellery that is being retailed is genuine. Scammers can make a decent sum off selling counterfeit jewellery since it is challenging for the layperson to distinguish what is genuine and what is not.

 In order to keep consumers from being duped, they should always demand for this Certificate of Authenticity.

 Purchasing authentic jewellery is an investment for many individuals. For some the jewellery has some form of cultural significance and it is crucial that they get value for their money.

Consumers facing similar issues are advised to call the National Consumer Helpline on toll free number 155 to lodge their complaints.