FEA charges reconnection fee despite meter not disconnected

16/01/2018 16:28

The Consumer Council of Fiji is urging consumers to be vigilant and check their monthly electricity bills to ensure they are not charged unnecessary fees.

 The call comes after the Council received a complaint where a consumer was issued a bill late last year which included a charge of $9.50 as a reconnection fee. The consumer’s FEA meter, however, was not disconnected at any time as all the payments were made on time.

 After the Council’s intervention, FEA admitted the error and reversed the reconnection fee charged to the consumer by deducting the amount from her next bill.

 Despite the matter being resolved, the Council is concerned that this is not the first time such an incident has occurred. We had previously received complaints of exact nature whereby consumers were charged reconnection fees despite their meters not being disconnected. Since 2015, 5 similar cases was received by the Council.

 Some consumers may have been paying Fiji Electricity Authority reconnection fees unknowingly, despite their FEA meter not being disconnected. This is a concern to the Council, expressing grave disappointment in FEA for the inaccuracy.

 Consumers are advised to check their bills to ensure no excess fees are being charged. Just like receipts, it is important for consumers to check and verify what they are paying for.

 Consumers are advised to call the Council’s National Consumer Helpline toll free number 155 to lodge their complaints if they have encountered the above.