Council to hold Workshop for Labasa Stakeholders

17/09/2018 12:09

The Consumer Council of Fiji will conduct a workshop in Labasa on 19 September, 2018, with the theme “Building Consumer Solidarity in the Northern Division”.

The workshop will be held at the University of the South Pacific Conference Room, Labasa Campus. This will be from 9am to 1pm and will address specific issues facing consumers in the Northern Division.

The aim of this workshop is to tackle consumer issues that have been affecting consumers in the Northern community. Northern stakeholders will also be educated on emerging consumer issues and the importance of raising their voices in the event of any wrongs by the businesses.

Topics to be discussed at the workshop include Landlord and Tenancy grievances, impacts of counterfeit or non-genuine products on consumers and debt management & consumer advisory services offered by the Council.

Landlord and tenancy issues consistently rank in the top 10 complaints received by the Council on a monthly basis. It is clear that consumer knowledge and awareness in this area is key to keeping unethical landlords in check.

Moreover, in the absence of legislated standards for imported products, counterfeit goods and non-genuine products are thriving. Nonetheless, consumers must be aware that these products may not be of the best quality and may turn out to be faulty.

Relevant education is critical in empowering consumers to assert their rights. The Consumer Council is committed to ensuring that all consumers are fully aware of all their consumer rights and responsibilities. Consumers must be able to raise concerns in the event of any unfair trade practices by unscrupulous traders and service providers.