Council calls for changes to Sky Pacific Helpline service

05/03/2018 10:29


The Consumer Council of Fiji would like to raise its disappointment on the services of Sky Pacific’s Customer Care Helpline, 1515.

The call comes to light after establishing that consumers are expected to go through a very complicated automated voice service when calling 1515. The consumer is taken through a total of 6 main menus, each of which have an average of 3 sub-menus. This means that the customer has to go through at least 12 steps to complete the transaction. This process is too cumbersome and not user friendly. Consumers have expressed their frustration in reaching out for Sky Pacific related issues.

The Council recently tested the helpline service when trying to assist an elderly consumer with his Sky Pacific service issue. The process took an average of 5 minutes to complete and was costly for the elderly who was a non-Digicel user. The service is free for Digicel customers only, however, for other Sky Pacific customers who use other telecommunications providers, it is a paid service.

The automated service ends with the user receiving an SMS text message, either confirming his account is paid and services will be reconnected, or if he is seeking technical services then they will be redirected to ‘Live Chat’ on a provided web address, or to call 123, which is the same process as 1515.

The service could be made much easier and simpler if Sky Pacific allows callers to directly liaise with an agent, rather than its automated system. With the current system the customer has to answer a minimum of 12 questions.

The Consumer Council is calling on Sky Pacific to be more customer focused and to better their service delivery, and not make the customer service helpline another money making scheme.