Cancellation of Air Ticket- Northern Air

06/09/2018 14:05

The Consumer Council of Fiji is urging consumers to be aware of the terms and conditions associated with making changes to their domestic airline tickets.

 The call comes after a domestic airline refunded only $12.33, the VAT component of a $155 ticket to a woman who was unable to travel because of flooding in her residential area.

 The complainant had purchased a ticket and was supposed to travel on a Thursday from Labasa to Nadi but the disaster had restricted movement forcing her to stay back and wait for the water to subside. She was further informed by the company that it would cost $96 to change the dates of travel.

 The complainant, was understandably unhappy with this option as the ticket change fee was close to the cost of purchasing a new ticket.

 She lodged her complaint with the Council and after the Council's intervention, the airline offered two options.

 She could either use the ticket within a month but would have to pay any fare difference plus the date fee change of $96 or alternatively, she could apply for a refund.

 The Council enquired with the Airline as to how much would be refunded in the hope of providing relevant information to the complainant to help her make an informed decision on her redress' options. However the airline did not provide this information.

 The complainant applied for the refund as it seemed like the best option and was assured that the airlines terms and conditions were such that the refund would be received in a months' time. However, two months lapsed without a favorable response from the Airline.

 More disappointing was that when the Airline did get in touch with the council, they were only willing to provide the complainant a $12.33 refund which was the VAT component of her ticket.

 The Council continues to urge consumers to be more aware of terms and conditions of any purchases made to avoid losing out on their money.

 Understanding terms and conditions with regards to airline tickets is vitally important as this will ensure that you know what options are available to you to seek redress as well as the timeframe you have to seek redress.

 Finally airlines must ensure that they also adhere to their own terms and conditions and ensure that they communicate with consumers to avoid issues of unnecessary hassle.