$1.6 million worth of consumer complaints registered in Labasa

27/04/2018 12:26

The Consumer Council of Fiji has registered 1144 complaints worth $1.6 million in Labasa in the past 5 years. That is around $320,000 worth of complaints every year.

Based on the nature of complaints recorded, the Council noted that consumers in Labasa faced a variety of issues when dealing with traders. The top 10 complaints received were on mobile products, hardware, landlord and tenancy issues, electronic goods, food and drinks, television services, hire purchase, spare parts and footwear and bags.

Initially consumers were hesitant to lodge complaints for fear of being victimized by traders or service providers. Also, consumers simply did not want to spoil their relationship with the traders in Labasa as it is a small town with a very close knit community whereby everyone knew each other.

For this reason, the Council is conducting a workshop in Labasa on Tuesday, April 24 under the theme “Strengthening Consumer Confidence in the Northern Division”.

Consumers and traders that are part of this workshop will be given opportunities to discuss key consumer issues affecting their community.

The workshop aimed to enlighten the participants on consumer protection laws and the various consumer redress mechanisms that are available to consumers to seek remedy. It is also an opportunity to empower traders to be more aware of their legal obligations to consumers.

Further to this, the one-day workshop will  discuss why complaints should be lodged and how to lodge complaints with evidence.

The workshop is held at the USP Conference Room, Labasa Campus.