Press Releases 2020

05/03/2020 16:16:15 Pharmacies Must Disclose Dispensing Fees

Pharmacies must disclose and charge the correct dispensing fees at all times to avoid confusion for consumers.

05/03/2020 16:05:18 Disposable Cards Must Stay

The Consumer Council of Fiji is disappointed with the announcement of the phasing out of disposable cards made by the Fiji Bus Operators Association (FBOA) president Nisar AliShah in the media last week

05/03/2020 16:02:25 Dodgy Practices by Central Finance Limited – A Worry

Credit institutions like Central Finance Limited (CFL) needs to be strictly monitored and taken to task by relevant authorities for continuously hoodwinking consumers.

05/03/2020 15:44:46 Be a savvy shopper this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, it is no doubt that businesses are launching their best strategic marketing campaigns targeted at capturing both the hearts and wallets of consumers.

05/03/2020 15:38:20 Exercise Caution when using Credit Cards

Consumers who hold visa credit cards are urged to be extra vigilant while making online purchases and continually monitor their accounts and statements to identify any unauthorized transactions.

05/03/2020 15:20:35 Council urges Bus Operators to Charge Correct Fares

The Consumer Council of Fiji is urging all bus operators to charge correct bus fares following the increase of adult bus fares that has come into effect today.

05/03/2020 15:17:23 Be Alert While Enrolling

The Consumer Council of Fiji is urging students to be cautious when paying any related fees to obtain qualifications from tertiary institutions.

05/03/2020 15:15:28 Bus Fare Increase – Burden on Consumers

The Consumer Council of Fiji is concerned in the manner in which Classic Buses has increased the fare by 29 cents for stage 2 commuters in Rifle Range, Lautoka.

05/03/2020 15:09:01 Support for Suva Foreshore Clean-up Project

Suva Residents, volunteers, business communities, schools, families and individuals are urged to join hands in the Suva foreshore clean-up project hosted by the Rotary Club of Suva Peninsula Sunset with Suva City Council’s partnership with Corporate Sponsors and Consumer Council of Fiji.