Council urges Bus Operators to Charge Correct Fares

05/03/2020 15:20

The Consumer Council of Fiji is urging all bus operators to charge correct bus fares following the increase of adult bus fares that has come into effect today.

It is also important for studentsto note that the bus fare increase for them will be effective from Monday, 4 May 2020, hence are not required to pay for any increase as of now.

Council CEO, Ms Seema Shandil stresses that bus operators must charge correct fares as per the new bus fare structure declared by the Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission last month.

“Bus travel is a common form of public transport that Fijians use to reach their destinations. The bus operators by now, should have prior briefed their drivers on the expected increase per stage across the country to avoid any inconveniences for the passengers.”

“On the same note, the Council commends Tacirua Transport Ltd for being consumer-friendly by charging less than the newly established bus fare,” she added.

“Similarly, we are alsoexpecting a competitive fare from other bus companies.”

Ms Shandil also stated that consumers who are travelling in buses are urged to take heed of the increase in adult bus fares and follow this responsibly.

“When boarding a bus, make sure totake your receipt and keep it with you until you reach your destination. In the event where you are denied the issuance of receipts by drivers or have been overcharged for a stage, do not hesitate to contact the Council on our National Consumer Helpline 155 and lodge a complaint,”she said.

Consumers are also advised to ensure that their bus fare cards are topped up at all times to avoid any disruptions to their travel.

Moreover, the Council is urging the relevant authorities to publish the bus fare schedules at the latest. Bus fare increases are as follows: