Conditional Selling on the Rife despite Warnings

02/04/2020 10:31

The Consumer Council of Fiji once again found that despite the issuance of stern warnings against conditional selling, some dishonest traders continue to disregard the law.

 Taking cue from three complaints received by concerned consumers, the Council conducted an immediate investigation whereby it was confirmed that a prominent supermarket in the Suva- Nausori corridor was found to be selling sugar on the condition that other items are purchased from the same supermarket. A consumer informed the Council that he intended to buy only sugar from the said supermarket however, he was informed at point-of-sale (cashier) that he could not purchase sugar only and had to purchase other items in order to purchase sugar.

 The Council is appalled by the dodgy conduct of certain retailers who continue to take advantage of vulnerable consumers under the pretext of the COVID-19 crisis. The Council had earlier last week issued a press release on the illegality of conditional selling however, despite this, some traders blatantly disregard the laws.

 The Council would like to thank consumers in asserting their rights despite the pandemic and it is because of this that unscrupulous practices are brought to the attention of the relevant authorities.

 “We are again reiterating that conditional selling is illegal under section 87 E (1) of the Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission Act 2010. Any trader found to be conditional selling is guilty of an offence under the said Act”, said Council CEO, Seema Shandil.

 “We are unable to ascertain how many consumers may have been duped into buying other items in an attempt to purchase sugar,” Ms Shandil added.

 The Council is again calling on consumers to report any such complaints of conditional selling by calling our National Consumer Helpline toll-free line on 155.