Avoid lingering in Supermarkets

01/04/2020 13:03

Consumers are urged to plan their shopping and avoid lingering in supermarkets as a safety measure against COVID-19.

While understanding many consumers will have to shop for provisions and food, it is advisable that consumers create a shopping list to ensure they do not spend extended periods in Supermarkets.

“By using a list, not only will you remember what is needed for your pantry and fridge, but it also shortens your time in shops. Reduced time in shops and supermarkets means less physical contact with others,” said Consumer Council of Fiji CEO Seema Shandil.  

“I also urge consumers to avoid going shopping in large groups. When you are planning your shopping, make sure you tell your family members that it is not the time for a family outing. Go alone or just go with another person if required,” Mrs Shandil said.

The Council is also encouraging consumers to opt for cashless payment methods to vector the spread of COVID-19.  Money that has exchanged hands several times while in circulation may not be the best option at this time.