Concern on labelling – “Milkyo” brand milk

04/06/2019 20:34

Traders and importers of food items are being warned to ensure the products they retail abide by labelling requirements under the Food Safety Act 2003 or they may face having these products removed from shelves.

This comes after the Council discovered a prominent supermarket, retailing a brand of Milk that does not comply with labelling requirements under the Act.

The product – Milkyo- does not have the name, address and contact information of the manufacturer, importer, and packer of the product on the labels.

While the packet has the name of the distributor, it does not provide contact details. Furthermore, while the labelling notes that it is "From New Zealand", a search of the address provided on the packet, (Jiangsu Pentasea Company Ltd, Address: No 6 East Huanghai Road Lianyungang Industrial Area, Lianyungang) reveals that the company address is in China. The packet also does not have special information for use and storage like "Refrigerate after use".

“These are clear infringements of the Food Safety Act (2003) that states products should have the name under which the product is to be sold and state the nature of the food, the name, address and other contact information of the manufacturer, importer, packer and distributor and any other particulars prescribed by the regulations,” Council CEO Seema Shandil said.

“Any special conditions for use must also be stated on the product. The consumers’ right to be informed must always be respected and the Council will not hesitate to report products that do not meet these standards to relevant authorities.”

Consumers who find products that do not meet the food labelling requirements are encouraged to contact the Consumer Council of Fiji on National Consumer Helpline toll free number 155.