Council applauds Health Minister

14/05/2015 16:17

The Council strongly believes that all medical complaints need to be compressively investigated with urgency and the outcome to be made public in a timely manner. This will ensure consumer confidence in the marketplace. 

In the past, the Council has expressed grave concern over the manner in which the Fiji Medical and Dental Council has handled complaints from patients against certain health professionals.

The aggrieved patients or their relatives who have been affected deserve to know the outcome of the investigations conducted by the Ministry of Health. Not just they, but the public as well.

A number of cases have been highlighted through the media and through complaints/concerns in the past. Some of these complaints are: A woman from Seaqaqa, who had to deliver her baby on a bench outside the Seaqaqa Health Centre and the health officials failed to respond to desperate calls from her aunty; in another case, a mother was denied services at the Navua hospital where she ended up losing her baby. The other controversial case involved a young mother who claimed she delivered her baby while being forced to walk from the observation room in the maternity ward to the delivery room. She was not given a wheelchair by the hospital staff, which had resulted in a near-tragic incident as her newborn had fallen on the floor during the walk.

These are some glaring examples of cases which have drawn public attention. The public has a right to know if the Ministry has completed the investigations into these cases in entirety together with an outcome.

The Council is urging the Minister for Health to remain steadfast in ensuring that the aggrieved consumers get justice in a timely manner as ‘justice delayed is justice denied’!

It is time the Fiji Medical and Dental Secretariat gets its act together and wakes up to its role and responsibility.