Beware of Dodgy Construction Companies

03/06/2015 16:10

The Consumer Council of Fiji is cautioning consumers when hiring the services of a construction company, namely, Kingdom Falekau Homes or any new company born out of it. This company has three business partners who were operating from Davuilevu, Nasinu.

The Council’s warning follows a complaint in which a retired consumer hired the services of Kingdom Falekau Homes, paid them $30,000 as down payment but only to be given a runaround by the company.

To date, the elderly consumer’s house had not proceeded beyond the foundation stage.

What is more disturbing is that Kingdom Falekau Homes has now closed its operations, with the three partners going their own way, leaving the elderly complainant in a painful situation, with $30,000 poorer and with an incomplete house.

The Council is dismayed over the manner in which this company had acted. Their actionsamount to fraud as this elderly consumer has been deceived.

No steps were taken by the company in advising the aggrieved consumer of how he would becompensated.

This is frustrating for an elderly person especially when he may have given up all he had savedin his life to own a house. Now, who will pay for his loss?

The Council’s investigations reveal that two of the three business partners are now involved with different construction businesses. The worse bit is they have distanced themselves from providing appropriate redress to the complainant.

The Council is calling on the consumers who may have had similar experiences with Kingdom Falekau Homes or any new companies with links to this business, to come forward to file their complaints with the Council.

There is absolutely no excuse for robbing the vulnerable and ageing consumers of their hard earned cash.

Consumers should not hesitate to contact the Council or the Fiji Commerce Commission toraise alarm against such dodgy companies.