Watch out for ‘maggots’ in fruit cake

23/12/2014 17:32

With just two days remaining before Christmas, the Consumer Council of Fiji is asking consumers to be vigilant when buying fruit cakes amongst other shopping items.

This advice is issued after a complaint was received by the Council where maggots were foundin fruit cake which was sealed in a plastic.

A consumer had purchased a 600g fruit cake and upon opening the box at home he foundmaggots swarming over the cake with an expiry date for July next year (2015).

This is not the first time the Council has come across such a case. In previous years, the Council received similar complaints where some consumers were sold expired fruit cakes and fruit cake with fungus while in another case a consumer had found a stone in the fruit cake.

Also, Council’s market surveillance in previous years show that during this time of the year, some unscrupulous traders engage in unethical practices by selling expired, sub-standard andpoor quality food items and other products to get rid of old stocks.

Traders and retail outlets should ensure that expired products are removed from shelves andproducts are well labeled with expiry/best before dates.

Consumers are advised to check the ‘expiry’ or ‘use by’ date and the information available onthe product content, especially for food items.

Consumers are further advised to check out specials and prices first before deciding whichsupermarket to shop from and most importantly consumers are urged to lodge their complaintswith the Council if they are dissatisfied with a particular product or trader.