WAF should provide a water distribution schedule

10/12/2014 18:24

The Consumer Council of Fiji is calling on the Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) to come up with a water distribution schedule rather than putting out advertisements to advice customers of the areas where water disruption has occurred. This is known to the public and their dry taps confirm water disruption.

However, what consumers don’t know is when water will be distributed in their areas and this is where WAF can put out advertisements so that consumers can plan better.

There are thousands of households and businesses affected by this disruption caused by nature in the greater Suva, Samabula, Lami and other areas.

While the Council appreciates WAF’s efforts to restore water in every home, however, the manner in which water is currently being distributed in the affected areas is a concern.

The Council’s call for water distribution schedule comes after several consumers raised concern on not receiving any carted water despite facing water cut for some time now. It is also seen that with no proper schedule in place, consumers in certain affected areas are left waiting in vain on the roadside with their containers with a hope to receive water.

Working people are most affected because they have no idea when water will be distributed in their area with the current situation likely to last the entire week.

Although, WAF is making public announcements that water will be distributed in all areas facing water cuts but this does not seem to be happening. Consumers have been calling around for information as to when water will be provided in their areas.

It is also reported that in some streets the carting truck is only able to cover half the street, it doesn’t come back to complete the rest of the street, which further frustrates people who have been waiting in anticipation for long hours.

The Council strongly believes that WAF should make every effort to provide a schedule which will allow consumers to receive water in their respective areas. In this manner, consumers will be less inconvenienced and not agitated for waiting long hours for water and even then they don’t receive water.It is also reported that there are some consumers who get their big water tanks filled leaving no water for others in the street.

The Council is requesting water carting companies to be more responsible in their distribution of water.