Nausori Airport needs flight information service

31/10/2014 16:15

The Consumer Council of Fiji is disappointed that Airports Fiji Limited (AFL) does not provide flight information services for Nausori Airport similar to the one provided by Air Terminal Services (ATS) for Nadi International Airport.

The Council’s concern is that with increase in international flights to and from Nausori, and the Government’s plan to expand this airport, there are no proper easily-accessible information services provided to travelers and the public.

The Council is disappointed that a letter it sent to AFL on 4th September, 2014 on the matter is yet to be answered. The Council sent the letter seeking AFL’s response on why there is no up-to-date and easily accessible flight information services available for Nausori Airport?

It is almost two months and AFL has not responded, nor even formally acknowledged the Council’s letter on a simple question. The Council has spent man-hours and communication costs trying to get a response, but to no avail. AFL’s non-responsiveness and lack of interest is a let down to travelling public and in particular to tourism and airline industry stakeholders who want to strengthen Fiji’s position as a hub for the Pacific. If it takes more than a month for a country’s airport authority to respond to questions on a very important issue, then there is something seriously wrong with this organization.

ATS which provides ground handling for airlines at Nadi provide up-to-date information online for travelers and the general public. However, despite Nausori Airport having increased international flights serviced by Fiji Airways, there are no up-to-date flight information services to allow passengers, their relatives and the general public to be aware of flight movements in and out of this airport.

Meanwhile, the Council is querying why Vodafone Fiji is the only mobile company that is providing SMS flight information services for ATS. We note that Vodafone Fiji has launched this service where customers can dial *287# and seek flight information for 20cents per text. Our airports are public facilities and flight information should be made available for all. Why isn’t this service also provided by other mobile phone service providers like Digicel or Inkk?