Ignore duplicate FEA Bills

23/08/2016 14:51

The Consumer Council of Fiji is advising consumers to ignore the duplicate copy of FEA bills they may receive for this month’s billing period.

The Council’s call comes in light of some consumers raising alarm after receiving two copies of FEA bills in their post boxes for the same billing period.

These consumers have called the Council seeking clarification on why they had received two copies of the bills – and raised questions if they had to pay again when they have already paid the bill.

The answer is NO!

Consumers should use either of the bills and ignore the other one as both statements are the same.

FEA has indicated to the Council that “there was an error in the printing of bills where by duplication of bill were produced to some customers.”

The Council is also urging FEA to avoid such errors on their part as this causes unnecessary panic among the consumers who fear disconnection. Many consumers are busy with their chores and end up wasting their time, energy and money in seeking clarification from the relevant authorities.

Consumers are reminded to remain calm and only pay for one of the bills and ignore the other copy and feel free to contact the Council if in doubt.