Council applauds LTA Tribunal Ruling

23/08/2016 18:20

The Consumer Council of Fiji welcomes the Land Transport Authority Tribunal’s ruling on the cancellation of the Authorized Motor Vehicle Dealership (AMVD) license of Nativa Motors.

Notorious traders who continuously disregard the law and treat consumers in an unethicalmanner deserve no place in Fiji’s marketplace.

The cost of non-intervention is far more damagingto the consumers and to businesses that trade ethically.

The Council has received numerous complaints against Nativa Motors over the past yearsreflecting the unscrupulous tactics engaged by this company. Complaints range from vehicles having defective/faulty and worn-out parts, deposits on vehicles accepted but the vehicle beingsold to another buyer, half-cut vehicles being sold and vehicles encountering engine problemssoon after purchase.

A complaint at hand involves a consumer purchasing a second hand vehicle from Nativa Motorsfor $6,000 on 17 March 2014. This consumer had saved all his hard earned money in order tofulfill his lifelong dream of owning a vehicle only to find out later that his purchase was not roadworthy. The complainant on 9 June 2014 had taken the vehicle to LTA for the fitness renewaland LTA found the chassis was “Half Cut” and therefore the vehicle was not fit to run on theroad.As such, the complainant can no longer utilize his $6000 investment. Nativa Motors has alsorefused to provide any redress whatsoever to the complainant.

The Tribunal’s decision should serve as a stern warning to all other authorized motor vehicledealers who engage in unscrupulous dealings with their customers to refrain from doing so.

Consumers deserve a fair deal and full value for their money.