Check your Sliced Meat Pieces

28/07/2014 15:06

Are you missing out on scrumptious chicken wings and thighs for dinner?

Well, next time, you give a chicken or any other meat to be sliced at a supermarket, take a closerlook at the chopped meat packed inside the shopping bag and check that you have all the good pieces.

The Consumer Council of Fiji is cautioning consumers to be extra alert when giving meat for slicing at the meat section of the supermarkets after it received consumer concerns over missing chicken wings, thighs and neck pieces from their plastic bags.

Some consumers have highlighted how they buy a whole chicken at supermarkets but once given for slicing at the slicing section of the supermarkets, the chopped meat comes without wings and other certain pieces.

These consumers are questioning on where the missing pieces of meat then go to if these do not end up into their shopping plastic bags?

The Council believes that consumers must take an active role to check the chopped meat in the packed plastic bags after having it sliced; they should not hesitate or be embarrassed to thoroughly check for the pieces.The traders can also help by ensuring that when their staff slice meat, the consumer is able to view it. We know that while some supermarkets have the slicing section in an open room, there are others where staff takes the meat inside another room to chop it. As a result, consumers cannot view the process.

Meanwhile, the Council is also advising consumers to be smart and shop at supermarkets which do not charge them money for slicing of meat.

Our market survey has shown that only 2 supermarkets in Suva are charging a dollar or two for slicing of meat. These supermarkets put chicken on specials and later charge money for slicing offering no benefit to the consumer. Consumers should ask upfront whether there is any charge for slicing before getting the meat sliced.

We are encouraging consumers to buy meat from supermarkets which slice meat free of charge as long as the meat is purchased from these supermarkets. New World, R B Patel, Shop N Save, MH, Food for Less and Rajendra’s Foodtown are some popular supermarkets which do not charge any money for slicing of meat.

Consumers are advised to make wise purchase decision and use the services of the above supermarkets when buying meat next time as slicing of meat will be free of charge.

Amid rising cost of living, consumers have to change their habit and make conscious decisions by engaging in comparative shopping, supermarket-trotting and going for alternatives to save on their money.