The Pink Window Creations must refund

15/10/2013 08:36

The Consumer Council of Fiji applauds the consumers for coming forward to lodge their complaints against the online boutique, The Pink Window Creations.

Without consumer solidarity, the nation would not have known the amount of money this online boutique owes to certain members of the public.

The fact that more than 100 consumers took time out to come and lodge their complaints with the Council, is remarkable.

The Council is thankful to these consumers because without their experiences and stories, the extent of this deception would not have been unleashed and new consumers would continue to be hoodwinked.

To date, the Council has received 158 complaints against the online boutique with the monetary value standing at $57,860.

Despite several attempts by the Council to negotiate with The Pink Window Creations to have the money they owe to the consumers to be refunded, all the online boutique has given so far are just ‘empty promises’.

In an email dated, 8th October 2013, to the Council, the owners of The Pink Window Creations assured the Council that refunds would be processed within two weeks.

A list of all 158 names of the complainants together with their receipt numbers have been handed over to the owners of boutique, so they could make arrangements to pay back the consumers as promised.

The Council has also written to the Reserve Bank of Fiji, Immigration Department and the Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority, notifying them about the online boutique.

The matter is grave and requires urgent attention from all concerned authorities for a quick action against the online boutique so that the consumers get their money back.

The Pink Window Creations is in breach of Section 88 of the Commerce Commission Decree 2010 for “Accepting Payment without Being Able to Supply as Ordered”.

The Pink Window Creations should comply with the law and refund the consumers immediately.

The Council is yet again urging the consumers to be cautious when shopping online.