Press Releases 2013

01/10/2013 10:36:31 Keeping consumers afloat

“It is our plea to the Government to put consumers at the heart of its economic policies to tackle the rising cost of living and to support growth and prosperity in the country.”

16/09/2013 14:26:08 Council warns Consumers over Soft Drink

The Consumer Council of Fiji is warning consumers not to purchase a soft drink which has been recalled from the shops and canteens. This warning comes after sixteen students in Savusavu had to seek medical attention after consuming this “soft drink”. This drink is packed in an unusual bottle with a spray cap and the size of the bottle is only 10cm.

13/09/2013 11:37:26 Council organises workshop for mediators

The Consumer Council of Fiji will be organising a 4 day workshop on “Managing Conflicts and Resolving Disputes through Mediation”, from 16th to 19th September 2013 at the Novotel Hotel, Lami.

09/09/2013 16:21:42 Council launches broadband campaign, seeks disclosure statement from ISPs

The Consumer Council today launched its Campaign for Broadband Nutrition Labeling, aimed at getting internet service providers (ISPs) to be truthful in the information they provide to consumers.

04/09/2013 16:31:27 Consumers unfairly locked in contract by Sky Pacific

The Consumer Council of Fiji is disappointed with Sky Pacific Services and its unfair contract conditions that have unfairly locked in its customers.

30/08/2013 14:36:48 Beware of Bogus Green Card Lottery

The Consumer Council of Fiji is cautioning consumers applying for American Visas via American Green Card Lottery to ensure that they are obtaining legitimate visa information packages before making any payments.

23/08/2013 11:32:38 Copyright is a major consumer issue

Copyright is an important consumer issue especially when Fiji is moving towards a knowledge-driven economy and when increased economic value for information creates tension between users (consumers) and creators.

20/08/2013 16:11:37 Online Shopping a Concern

The Consumer Council of Fiji is advising consumers to take precaution and responsibility when purchasing products from the social network site such as Facebook.

20/08/2013 14:51:55 MV Lomaiviti Princess should be held accountable

The Consumer Council of Fiji is alarmed with the negligent attitude of Goundar Shipping Services after their inter island vessel MV Lomaiviti Princess failed to pick up passengers from the Savusavu Jetty for over 24 hours on Saturday 17 August 2013, as reported in the local dailies. (FT 19/08/13, (20/08/13) and the complaints we received.

20/08/2013 10:22:05 Be responsible during festival

The Consumer Council of Fiji is once again reminding consumers to be cautious and responsible during the weeklong 2013 Hibiscus Festival.

20/08/2013 08:05:06 Advertisement monitoring

Advertisements are important especially as these are sources of information on products and services that many consumers rely on prior to purchase. Most consumers normally believe what advertisements “promise” to deliver. Consumers are urged to make informed choices and advertisements are one source of information that should assist them to make these choices.

14/08/2013 08:06:29 Loyalty in Question

Have you paid a substantial amount of money for a product only to discover that the same is cheaper at another store? You may have felt cheated by the store for having to pay a higher price.

09/08/2013 16:13:23 Affected infant milk formula not sold locally

The Consumer Council is advising consumers that the infant milk formula that has been recalled in New Zealand, China and other countries are not sold in the Fiji market.

09/08/2013 16:06:32 Butter price hike: consumers should look for alternatives

The Consumer Council is advising consumers to be smart shoppers and look for alternatives in light of the recent increase in the price of the popular Rewa butter. Although, Rewa butter remains popular with ordinary consumers, price increases mean consumers who cannot afford Rewa butter need to look at alternatives. There is jubilee, anchor and westgold in the market but anchor is more expensive than Rewa butter.

09/08/2013 08:11:36 Discourteous Restaurant Owner

Consumers become the judge when it comes to selecting a restaurant, its services and the food provided at these eateries. A consumer’s verdict on whether a restaurant is good or bad spreads quickly when many consumers depend on word of mouth suggestions on restaurants by their families and friends. If a consumer has a bad experience at a restaurant, it is highly likely that he/she will not recommend the same to another consumer.

31/07/2013 08:10:14 Choose your auto mechanic carefully

Auto mechanics are the subject of discussion when it comes to buying or repairing motor vehicles. Most consumers lack the expertise or are cost- conscious whilst choosing garages. Some end up with unqualified mechanics or backyard garages that promise value for money but are unable to provide satisfactory services.

23/07/2013 08:22:43 Watch Out for Short Weight Items

“Trust, but verify” should be the motto of every consumer. Consumers pay price for goods and services based on weights and measures. They expect labels to disclose correct information such as ingredients, brand, total weight and other aspects to enable them to make informed choices.

22/07/2013 14:56:12 Return House Key when Vacating

The Consumer Council is advising all tenants to return house keys to their landlords when vacating premises to avoid paying rent after the notice period.

19/07/2013 08:21:22 Shoppers lose out by not returning goods on time

When you purchase a product, expectations are that the product will be fit for its purpose. Sometimes you may come across situations where the product was faulty, damaged or of poor quality and you failed to return the goods on time.

16/07/2013 16:44:29 Council welcomes fuel, gas price drops

The Consumer Council of Fiji welcomes the reduction in the price of petroleum and gasoline as announced by the Minister for Industry & Trade and Attorney-General Mr Aiyaz Sayed–Khaiyum and Fiji Commerce Commission (FCC)

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