Play Tattslotto with Caution

24/12/2013 08:25

TattsLotto offers you the chance to make your million dollar dreams come true and this is often the motivation pushing consumers to bet their hard earned money on this lottery.

Many consumers who come from all income categories play it regularly with a hope of striking it rich one day.

However, the Consumer Council of Fiji is cautioning consumers playing TattsLotto to be vigilant and beware of the practices of some agents.

This advice to consumers has come in light of a recent complaint received in which a consumer was told by the agent that he did not win any prize when he presented his TattsLotto Coupon to verify his winning numbers. He was told by the agent that he had not won anything. The complainant then requested the agent to list the winning numbers so that he can check the numbers manually. Upon checking the numbers manually, the complainant found that he won in the fifth division prize pool of the $4 million draw which he played.

The consumer revisited the agent to get an explanation. The agent explained that he could not be declared a winner as his ticket was not in the TattsLotto computer system at all. The agent then advised him that his details will be fed into the next draw.An investigation by the Council showed that the Fiji TattsLotto agent had not forwarded the numbers to the Tattersall’s On-Line Gaming System in Melbourne on time and was not recorded until after the draw. The agency did not send the transmission until Monday morning. The Australian Support team also advised that if the customer returns claiming a winning ticket the following disclaimer should be pointed out: “This receipt does not constitute a valid game entry until accepted at the Tattersall’s on-line Game System in Melbourne Australia” They also advised that a refund can be offered if the customer does not wish to enter into the next draw.

The Council finds the above disclaimer which is part of the terms and conditions to be unfair. Simply because if a consumer plays for Thursday’s Power Ball Game and his name is not entered into the system on time, his details will be entered in for another game/draw, which may be of a lesser prize money. THIS IS AN UNETHICAL BUSINESS PRACTICE! Here, the consumers’ choice to play a particular game for a particular prize is restricted without being fully informed.


Also, Fiji TattsLotto and its agents do not provide this sort of disclosures to the consumers whenthey enter the lottery. Many consumers are unaware of the terms and condition as in this case.

First of all, in this case it is the responsibility of all Fiji TattsLotto agents to complete the transactions – it is their duty to ensure that as soon as a consumer pays for the game, his or herticket details are entered into the system and well communicated with the TattsLotto head officelocated in Australia. We are deeply concerned given that many other paying consumers may have gone through thesame fate without knowing that their ticket was not in the draw. Even if the ticket went into thenext draw, how is this communicated to consumers so that they keep the ticket or check the winning numbers for the next draw?

The Council is also issuing a stern warning to the TattsLotto Company and all its agents to be responsible and enter the numbers on the TattsLotto coupon into their master computer systemon time for the draw for the game the Tattslotto has been bought. The Council is also urging the lottery company and its agents to print their website address onthe back of their lottery ticket to allow consumers to check the details of the games at their convenience. The terms and conditions must be reviewed to ensure its fair to their customers. The Council is also calling on the consumers to be responsible and check for the winning numbers manually and not just rely on the TattsLotto machines to check the winning numbers.

Consumers should never leave their TattsLotto receipt with the agent. Consumers should also ask the agents that they want confirmation that their entry has been entered into the system.

Consumers should not shy away from asking questions and seeking information no matter how long the line is.

Furthermore, consumers should remember that this is a lottery and is a form of gambling where hundreds of thousands of other players have entered. They should beware about the negative and addictive effects of gambling which can mean loss of hard-earned money and other problems.

The Council will be keeping a close tab on this lottery and other promotions which are on this season and is urging consumers to be careful and do their bit by cross-checking the numbers manually.