LTA should reconsider water, electricity bill requirement

31/12/2013 16:33

The Consumer Council of Fiji is asking the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to clarify its public notice in Fiji Sun (31/12/13), titled- Compulsory Water and Electricity Bills for LTA Customers.

Through this notice LTA is calling on vehicle owners to produce water and electricity bills for renewing of their driving licenses, permits or any other transactions.

The Council finds this notice to be absurd as it does not clearly state what happens to a family where more than one member owns a vehicle but does not have a separate water and electricity meter under their name. Electricity and water bills are normally under one person’s name.

The Notice reads:

“ This will be compulsory for or in any future dealing with the LTA, customers will be required and MUST provide the above. No application, renewal or registration will be conducted without valid water and electricity bill. Customers are advised to comply. This is effective immediately.”

The Council cannot understand the rationale behind this Notice. If the intention is to get the correct physical and postal address of the vehicle owners, LTA should consider using voter registration cards or other valid identification to confirm the owners’ physical and postal addresses.

There are many vehicle owners across the country who do not have a meter for either water or electricity or both. Therefore, the Council is urging LTA to reconsider its requirements which is not making sense and will cause a lot of inconvenience to vehicle owners and license holders.