Beware of Scam Phone Calls/Messages

03/12/2013 16:29

Watch out for scam text messages and missed calls from unknown foreign numbers with area codes +375 or +371.

The Consumer Council of Fiji is calling on the consumers to be cautious as these scam text messages and calls, is a new way of stealing individual’s personal and banking information through their phones.

In recent days, consumers have raised concern over receiving messages from unknown international numbers stating “call me back please now urgent”. The number also leaves a missed call on consumers’ phone prompting them to call back.

Some have been receiving calls from +375602605281 +375602605281 FREE +37127913091 +37127913091 FREE or other number starting with area codes +375, or +371.

It has been highlighted that there is one ring and they hang up, leaving a missed call message.

The area code +375 is from Belarus and Afghanistan while +371 is code for Latvia.

Mobile users are warned that if they call the numbers, +375602605281 they are charged around $15 to $30.

This is dangerous as those sending the text messages or giving the missed calls could copy contact list and other private details saved in the phone within a short span of time. For instance, if some consumer has saved his or her bank or credit card details on the phone, they can easily be stolen.

The Council is warning consumers not to get excited after receiving calls from such new numbers and act responsibly by not responding at all – DO NOT CALL BACK!

Consumers should at no time disclose their personal information and bank account details to strangers and always opt to seek advice from appropriate authorities in such matters before responding to queries about their personal details.

The Council calls on mobile phone companies – Vodafone, Digicel and Inkk to take on the responsibility of stopping such SPAM and unsolicited text messages being sent to their customers.

Mobile phone users should not be inundated with SPAM texts which are not just irritating but impinge on consumers’ rights to choice and privacy.

The Council expresses gratitude to the consumers for coming forward and highlighting the issue, otherwise many Fijian consumers would have been oblivious about these scam texts and calls and would continue to fall prey to the scammers.