Launch of Fiji’s First Ever Consumer Show

16/10/2012 11:26

Get ready to watch consumer awareness television shows that will enlighten you on your rights and responsibilities when making credit purchases.

The Consumer Council of Fiji in partnership with AusAID and Fiji TV is bringing you Fiji’s very own consumer awareness programme on national television, “Dollars & Sense”.  The weekly program is designed to educate and empower the general public on their rights and responsibilities when accessing credit such as hire purchase and other forms of consumer finance. 

Buying goods and services on credit has become a normal part of the way we manage our maney.  Not many of us can afford to buy big-ticket items with upfront cash. When buying a stove, car or a house, most consumers rely at some point of time, on credit.  However, while we as consumers depend on the credit world, we often fail to understand the true cost of borrowing.

Dollars & Sense will focus on educating consumers so that they are able to make informed decisions before entering into credit contracts.

The show will highlight real life experiences of local consumers and inform people facing similar situations about their rights and what they  need to do to make sure these rights are protected.  The show is designed to set a platform to empower consumers to exercise their rights and responsibilities as well as providing a supporting voice  to effective consumer protection.

Dollars & Sense will  highlight the crucial role of financial institutions and credit providers who not only help consumers improve their standard of living but aid in shaping the economy as well.

Fiji’s first consumer show will cover various common credit scenarios such as hire purchase of white goods, buying motor vehicles and securing home loans. The weekly show will air views and concerns of consumers, credit providers, academics, consumer watchdogs and other stakeholders.

Dollars & Sense will air from 16th October, 2012 at 8pm on Fiji One.  The Council urges the general public to take time out and watch the show which is aimed to assist us all to become smarter credit consumers.

The Dollars & Sense Program is part of a broader project by AusAID with funding support of F$270 000 to the Consumer Council of Fiji, aimed at improving the understanding of credit by poor and vulnerable consumers in Fiji.