Farmers duped by differing prices of Ametryne- herbicide

04/10/2012 16:08

How can the price of the same product with the same quantity and same packaging be different? This was the question posed by a farmer from Baulevu when he lodged his complaint with the Consumer Council.

He was charged two different prices for two 1L gallons of herbicide Ametryne 500FL from MH Supermarket in Nausori. This consumer paid $21.81 for a 1L Ametryne while paying $40.05 for another 1L gallon.

The consumer had made similar purchase weeks before and was charged $40.05 for the same 1L Ametryne 500FL gallon. It has been a loss to this farmer because he received only 3L of herbicide after paying $120.15 whereas he should have received 6L if MH Supermarket in Nausori was honest.

Whilst the consumer had brought the matter to the attention of supermarket staff but no initiative was taken to address the wrongly priced items and provide timely redress to the consumer. Especially after the two 1L gallons of Ametryne were clearly labeled with two differing prices.

It is a shame that this is being practiced by a renowned supermarket where consumers are tricked into spending unnecessary money. This supermarket cannot use the same excuse that their staff made an error or it was just a human error. In commercial dealings there is no room for mistakes and it is for this reason consumer protection laws are in place to protect consumers. The Council is aware of unscrupulous practice used by traders to make money under the guise of ‘human errors’.

It is rather unfortunate that such traders dampen the governments initiative to revive commercial farming by cheating the farmers rather than assisting them.

There could be other farmers who many have purchased 1L of Ametryne herbicide at double the price. The Council is urging farmers to check their used containers and their receipts to ensure they were charged correctly for 1L Ametryne. If they were not charged correctly then they must come forward to the Council to seek redress.