CEBO sandals not made in Czech Republic

15/11/2012 16:21

THE Consumer Council is warning consumers to be very careful when buying brands that make claim to a certain country of origin.

This comes after the Council’s market surveillance and investigations found one prominent and sought-after brand of men’s sandals had misleading country of origin labels.

CEBO sandals, distributed by Payless Shoes bears the words “CZECH REPUBLIC” on the sole and even in-store flyers have the phrase “Made in the Czech Republic”. However, the distributor has been unable to substantiate the claim that the sandals are made in the Czech Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia).

The Council was informed that the sandals were originally patterned and manufactured in the Czech Republic years ago, but this was not longer the case. The shoes are now manufactured in China under license.

The Council is disappointed that Payless shoes had never bothered to correct its flyers and labels, or inform consumers that the sandals are not made in the Czech Republic. CEBO used to be a leading up-market brand due to its quality, durability and the fact that it used to be made in the Czech Republic.

Furthermore, what is more upsetting is that the shoes with the misleading labels are being sold at premium prices. In one shoe outlet during our surveys in October, the price was $109 which just ten dollars off the price of a genuine one.

In October, the Council also found just one retailer in Suva (Deojis) was selling the last batch of originals at $119 that had “Made in the Czech Republic” on the soles as opposed to “CZECH REBPULIC”.

Early this month the Council wrote to Payless Shoes requesting that it remove the label “Made in Czech Republic” from its advertisements/flyers. The Council also requested that the phrase “Czech Republic” be removed from the shoe soles as this gives consumers a false impression that the shoes are made in Czech Republic

The Council is warning importers and distributors not to mislead consumers by misrepresenting the country of origins of their products on their labeling, flyers and advertisements.